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Our Boulder Sprinkler Repair Team Rejuvenates Your Lawn

Our Boulder Sprinkler Repair Team Can Optimize Your Sprinkler SystemThink back to when you first had your sprinkler system installed. It came with the promise of a beautiful lawn without all the hassle of daily maintenance. Unfortunately, as time has gone by, the system has lost its luster and your yard isn't looking as good as it used to. The lush green of your turf has started to develop spots and your planting beds don't seem to be as perky as before. These are all signs that it's time to have an optimization service done. Landscapes grow and mature and your sprinkler system needs to do the same.

We Work with All System Types

Our Boulder Sprinkler Repair Team Installs Controllers

There are two typical types of systems that our Boulder sprinkler repair team works with – manual and automatic systems. The manual system requires the owner to turn it on and off every time it is used where an automatic system employs the use of a computerized controller that turns the water on and off at specified intervals. If you're sick of getting up early to engage your manual system, let our technicians replace your controller with one that will let you sleep in.

We Optimize Your System for the Best Coverage

Our Boulder Sprinkler Repair Team Changes Pop-Up HeadsA typical in-ground sprinkler system sends water through a network of underground pipes to the areas of your lawn that need it the most. The delivery system is made of various control valves, pop up heads and drip lines. A properly optimized system can be tweaked to deliver exactly the right amount of water to each and every plant in your planting bed. This type of coverage virtually eliminates the need to bring out additional temporary sprinklers to hit specific areas of the yard.

The problems with your current system can be linked to the evolution of your landscape. As plants grow and your lawn matures, water needs in different zones of your yard change but the system continues to deliver the same amount as when it was first calibrated. This can lead to zones of over and under watering that result in a less than perfect lawn.

Get a Diagnostic Done Today!

Our Boulder sprinkler repair team will start our diagnostic evaluation of your sprinkler system with a water usage audit. This will determine the correct amount of irrigation needed in the various zones of your yard. Once this audit is completed, we can look at your current system and determine where new sprinkler heads need to be placed, whether a drip system should be added, what pressure each individual heads should be spraying at and exactly what the watering schedule should be.

Our Boulder sprinkler repair techs will also help you set up a preventative maintenance schedule to help you maximize the efficiency of your system and keep it in optimal working condition. Many home and building owners think that their systems are set-it-and-forget-it, but they do need regular maintenance if you want your system to last for years and decades to come.

Our team can handle this for you. Call us to get started today!

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